Kratom Strains

There are various kinds of Kratom strains and each strain has a different affect on the body. One strain might be best suited as mood booster while another gives you energy and another helps you to relax.  Some even combine multiple properties such as boosting mood, energy, focus, reduces anxiety or stress and pain relief.

So lets start with the basics of color:

Red- most powerful strain, helps with relaxation.

White- energy boosting and focus properties.

Green- balances between being a stimulant and pain reliever.

Yellow- Longer lasting and increases energy, mood, focus and reduces anxiety.


Types of Kratom:

Maeng Da- Originates in Thailand and is a mixture of several strong strains and is long lasting. It acts as stimulant, energy booster. Typically comes in green, red and white strains.

Indo -Originates in Indonesia, considered to be a mild strain for relieving pain, and increasing relaxation.

Bali- Originates in Indonesia and works as a pain reliever.

Malay or Malaysian- Originates in Malaysia, with low dose it helps with pain and focus while at higher dosage can be a sedative.

Thai- Originates in Thailand, effects vary based on the color such as red, green or white.

Borneo- Originates in Borneo, this strain is more heavily leaning towards sleep and helps to deal with anxiety and stress.




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