• Best Kratom Strains

    , by Michael Ayzenshtat Best Kratom Strains

    What Are the Best Kratom Strains? If you are not sure what to buy or don't feel like putting in the work — no judgment,...

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  • Where Does Kratom Come From

    , by Michael Ayzenshtat Where Does Kratom Come From

    Bali – A well-known Indonesian resort with a tropical rainforest climate and relatively developed tourism infrastructure, it offers some of the best quality kratom to...

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  • Types of Kratom Strains

    , by Michael Ayzenshtat Types of Kratom Strains

    When someone is talking about kratom, they're not talking about one specific product because there is an entire range of various strains. If you're new...

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  • Brewing Kratom Tea

    , by Michael Ayzenshtat What to do with Kratom Powder?

    Kratom Powder can be added to virtually any liquid, but we recommend mixing kratom powder with either orange juice (or any citrus based juice) or...

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