Best Kratom Strains

Best Kratom Strains

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What Are the Best Kratom Strains?

If you are not sure what to buy or don't feel like putting in the work — no judgment, we get it! — here's an introduction to the most popular strains!

Sumatra kratom is the strain of kratom derived from mitragynine speciosa trees in Sumatra, Indonesia. Sumatra kratom products are known for their versatility and power, perfect for seasoned kratom users and quality lovers alike.

Sumatra kratom products offer more strength and potency than your standard kratom strains. New users should only try Sumatra kratom after experimenting with other popular strains. If you switch to Sumatra kratom, start with a slightly lower dose than you normally take.


Borneo kratom ranks high due to the consistency of its effects. Its most potent effects appear at doses between 3 and 6 grams. Borneo kratom increases energy and vitality. When you feel low on energy, reaching for this is the perfect way to get through hard days.

Lower doses of Borneo kratom boost the immune system and provides sensational strength. Its stimulating and relaxing properties make it a suitable replacement for morning coffee.


The size of leaves varies from one to seven inches, and it's very affluent when it comes to alkaloids. Malay kratom is accessible in products like powder, pills, vape juices, raw leaves, capsules, extracts, gummies, and tinctures. It provides an enormous gain in energy. It is stable and smooth, increasing happiness and joy by decreasing anxiety.



Maeng Da mixes vary among vendors. Sometimes they come in white+green, white+red, or pure white maeng da kratom. White maeng da Kratom, when mixed with red and green vein kratom, creates powerful blends with high alkaloid content.

Maeng Da uses grafting to create a high-potency version of the popular blend. The scent of the powder is both strong and pleasant. Maeng da Kratom may promote cheerfulness.


Vein kratom is a stimulator. Its opiate-like qualities make it a unique strain. While the plant would not be an opioid, the strains bind themselves to brain receptors and imitate the effects of opioids. Although vein kratom has calming effects, it does not cause anxiety in its user. Vein kratom provides energy as an alternative to espresso.


Bali Kratom Strains are the most popular Kratom strain that fits every mood. Whether you're looking for a Green, White, or Red Vein strain.

Bali Kratom is selected for its leaf quality, drying strategy, and alkaloid content. Bali Kratom offers some pretty undeniable advantages whether you’re looking for a get-up-a-go feeling, some motivation, or lasting comfort.


Trainwreck kratom is unique among kratom strains. Trainwreck is a full-spectrum strain. It consists of a blend of white, red, and green strains.

It isn’t overly sedating or stimulating. However, it is usually stronger than most green strains, and experienced users say they often take less Trainwreck than other strains to compensate.


Bentuangie kratom is one of the most prevalent kratom strains available, and the white, green, and red varieties have quickly become favorites for countless users.


People can use horn kratom to increase their productivity. Horn kratoms are rich in alkaloids. These alkaloids have a positive impact on the brain and help people to stay focused and motivated. The name of the kratom comes after its spike or horned edges of the leaves. Its small quantities can provide a perfect energy boost to productivity.


The dragon kratom may boost your energy and motivation, allowing you to do daily duties effortlessly. Many people find it difficult to even think of doing something whenever they are sad or going through some difficulty.

Dragon kratom exerts its effects by enhancing various metabolic pathways. This leads to increased circulation and oxygenated blood flow. All of this can result in an energy surge.


Hulu kratom is a kratom strain from the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a fine powder containing alkaloids to provide a unique experience. Hulu Kratom has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years.


Indo-Kratom has stimulating and relaxing effects. The effects might work together to make you feel at ease, but not to the point where you might feel sedated. It also might make you feel alert without jittery effects.


Red elephant kratom is packed with energy that can power users for the day. Due to the enormous leaf size, the white elephant has the highest alkaloid content of all elephant kratom strains. It is smooth and calming, with a massive source of energy. Green elephant kratom is a mild and effective kratom strain. Users will experience various positive effects from using elephant kratom.


As the name suggests, Thai kratom is native to Thailand and harvested in the earliest maturity stage before its veins turn from white to green and red. Thai kratom is the best strain to boost energy. It is a potent euphoric and cognitive enhancer with mild analgesic effects.


Vietnam Kratom offers potential energy-boosting effects. This kratom might help you feel more energetic and active after a single dose.

Usually, people take coffee or energy drinks to boost their productivity. The problem is that it usually comes with jittery sensations, and you don't feel comfortable. With Vietnam Kratom, however, you might not have to worry about that – take a dose, and you might feel like the energy comes back to you naturally.


Sunda kratom is known for being stimulating and inspiring. It encourages creative expression, helps you feel more active in sports or exercises, and leaves you confident enough to give that work presentation with total clarity and precision.


Riau kratom originated from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It's best for mild sedation and pain relief. Many users take this strain to combat pain, insomnia, and anxiety.


Kali comes from the Kalimantan region of the island of Borneo. This strain has a unique aroma and provides powerful effects.

It contains high levels of mitragynine, which works within the body, relieves mental and physical fatigue, and helps with relaxation. Kali also contains high levels of mitraphylline, which improves cognitive functions.

It provides a burst of energy and supports overall well-being.

Jongkong Kratom is a great potential mood booster. It might lift you when you're in a foul mood and be great when you're just having a bad day.

Jongkong Kratom serves as a possible cognitive enhancer. You might feel like your brain is much more active and productive when trying out Jongkong Kratom. It’s a useful potential perk when you’re trying to brainstorm ideas for your next project or venture.


Kratom comes in many different forms based on the plant's maturity, the color of the leaf veins and the origin of the plant's growth. Red varieties act as powerful relaxants, while white kratom provides stimulating or euphoric feelings. Green variety offers a good balance between the two. Yellow varieties also offer balanced and milder effects.

With our suggestions for the best kratom strains, you'll be able to find the one that works best for you. Consider doing proper research and buying strains from a leading kratom vendor for an excellent experience.

As you’re shopping, remember — you’ll only get the best kratom strains when you purchase from the best kratom retailers. Buy through Kratom Point, and you can’t go wrong.


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